How old are you?

Last weekend I got a slice of humble pie served up by my Aunt Bobbie. (If you remember the Energizer Bunny commercials, they were inspired by her, no doubt.) Aunt Bobbie has always been very active and loves the outdoors–hiking, biking, snowshoeing, you name it, she probably does it. She’s climbed every mountain in Colorado and probably the surrounding states. If memory serves me correctly, she met her husband Mark while running the Pike’s Peak Marathon, or maybe that was their first date? Either way, you get the point. She’s a warrior and not just on the weekends.

I wouldn’t say that I struggled to keep up with her on the Billy Goat trail, climbing over rocks, but I wouldn’t have wanted to go any faster. She led the way and my daughter and I followed behind. I think we finished the trail in record time.


img_4271I can imagine that anyone who meets Aunt Bobbie doesn’t believe that she is 71. I mean how many women (or men) in their seventies are comfortable scrambling over rocks? But wait, it gets better! The next day we went mountain biking. Or rather she, my brother, and my husband went on the trail ride. I settled for walking the trail with Jasper. I like trail riding, but am not comfortable negotiating the rocks and roots on the downhills, but not Aunt Bobbie. She has no fear. (or maybe no sense?) She kept up with Matt and John with little (if any) difficulty while riding a borrowed bike that didn’t fit her properly. John said he had no doubt that if she had been riding her own bike, he would have been struggling to keep up with her.


I just hope that I inherited her genes, but I suspect I need to do more than hope if I’m going to keep up.

The mountain bikers
3 Generations (if you count Jasper)

2 thoughts on “How old are you?

  1. And the day after she gets back we have the Subway hike… a daylight till dusk ball buster. Of course she will do fine… but what about me? Too bad I couldn’t marry into the “gene pool.”
    Uncle Mark

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