Can we pretend that the weekend isn’t almost over?

Weekends have always been a precious commodity, but lately they have become even more precious, because they have become so rare–rare in the sense of not having to work during them. And there’s also that strange phenomenon of the hours during the weekend passing much more quickly than those during the week. How is it already 4:00pm on Sunday? I’m not ready for Monday to arrive.

According to my WordPress stats, my last post was 77 days ago. Did you miss me? Not likely, but in the off chance that you wondered why I dropped off the face of the blogosphere, I shall tell you. My students arrived. The past two months have been a blur with little time to focus on anything personal like this blog. But today I decided to have a quiet Sunday and spend a little time writing.

Mostly what I would like to share is about my little garden that I planted. You may remember that I mentioned in a previous post that I started a pollinators garden to attract bees and hopefully Monarchs. We have seen a lot of bees and a few different kinds of butterflies, but no sign of Monarchs. That is, not until I spotted this little guy about a week and a half ago. You can’t imagine how excited I was!

img_4135 A few days later I spotted a few more. Can you find all three in this picture?img_4151

Over the past week or so I have watched them grow. I was out of town for a seminar for a few days and when I returned on Wednesday there were only two left and then the next day those two were gone. I hope they wandered off to find a place to pupate, but I haven’t found any chrysalides. I’m afraid that they may have become someone’s dinner, but hopefully not.

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