Farmers, Fishers, and Cheesemongers

Our little town has a little farmers market on Saturday mornings. John and I like to ride our bikes there and pick up a few things before it gets too hot. Todays loot included a few tomatoes, peaches, fresh mozzarella, a spinach and cheese pastry, and a sausage biscuit. You’ll notice that the sausage biscuit is not pictured. It didn’t make it home. That was John’s.

I like to take my Noken bag that was given to me by one of my students from Indonesia. It’s light, easy to carry, and holds a fair amount. It’s easy to spend a lot of money at the market, so I just take my little change purse with a reasonable amount of cash and buy just what I can carry in the Noken. I know some people think the prices are too expensive at the farmers market and so don’t shop there. The prices are more than the grocery store, but the produce is so much better. It’s nice to support the local farmers, too.

I have fond memories of going to the markets when I was a kid living in Germany. For some reason I have pretty vivid memories of buying plums and trying to figure out how many kilos to buy, not having a clue how much a plum weighed. “Ein Viertel Kilo Pflaumen, bitte.” and hoping for maybe six plums. I love the markets, but I have to admit that I’m often too intimidated to buy things when I’m traveling, not knowing how to ask for things or in what units. But it’s still fun to look and sometimes I’m brave enough to buy a few things.

Spargel Zeit! Market in Munich, Germany
Smoked fish at market in Werder and der Havel, Germany
Alligator heads. French Market in New Orleans

I once made a mistake and bought some cheese without asking the price per pound. I ended up paying $25 for a 1/4 pound. It was good cheese, I’ll give you that.

Pretty soon we won’t need to buy tomatoes at the market. We should have plenty in the next few weeks from our garden. Gardening is hard work, so I mostly leave that up to John. He has come to really enjoy working in the garden over the past few years and we lovingly refer to him as Mr. Tomato Man. I mostly like the end results, but very so often I get inspired to dig in the dirt, prune bushes, pull weeds, and plant things. I’m trying to establish a pollinators garden right now to attract more bees and butterflies. It’s still a work in progress, so no pictures today.

Mr Tomato Man
Mr. Tomato Man

We have a lot of deer and other critters that make gardening more challenging. After catching a deer in mid munch of a prized heirloom tomato, John started building cages around the garden plots. For the most part they have worked well, plus the birds really like to perch on the tennis balls. Since putting up the tennis ball adorned posts, we seem to have a lot more bird activity in the yard. I think I will look for a birdbath to put somewhere, but for now it’s time to have glass of something cold and relax for a bit.





4 thoughts on “Farmers, Fishers, and Cheesemongers

  1. A bird bath is a good idea. Birds need water to drink and bathe in. I have to water my birds a couple of time a day on the hot days we’ve been having lately. Don’t have a feeder but do have a couple of bird baths and lots of birds.


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