Constant Companions

They’re an odd couple. She’s all about food and he’s all about love and attention. Toki is short and stubby–she’s a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Jasper is an Australian Bat Dog, or something along those lines. He’s sleek and was very fast and agile in his youth. Toki does her best to keep up.


Jasper will be 13 this August and Toki is four years younger. Jasper is starting to show his age. It makes me sad knowing that he’s in his waning years. I’m not sure who will miss him more–Toki or me. I think she will be lost without her constant companion. As it is now, she won’t even go for a walk without him. “Wherever you go, I go!” she seems to say. She’s like the little sister who always wants to tag along and he’s the (mostly) patient older brother.







They are constant entertainment and a source of smiles. (Just look at those faces, how can you not smile?) I can’t imagine my life without dogs. I haven’t been without one for nearly 40 years, except for when I was living in the college dorm. In some ways life would be easier. My house would be cleaner. I could travel more without worrying who will look after them. There are times when I think that I should try going dogless for a few years, so that I can travel unencumbered. Maybe at some point I will. But not yet. Now I just want to pack up the car and go on our next adventure.



And then come home and take a nap.


Daily Prompt: Companion

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